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Lao Cai Provincial Cooperative Alliance

Lao Cai Provincial Cooperative Alliance was established in 1996. The unit has the following functions and tasks: Participating in the development and implementation of strategies, plans, programs for development of collective economy in the province. Gathering opinions and needs of LCPCA’s members to recommend and propose to the provincial Party Committee, the People's Council, the People's Committee, the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance, the [...]

Farmer and Nature Net Association (FNN)

Farmers and Nature Net Association (FNN) is a local, non-profit and non-political farmer organization, which was established in 2003 and officially registered at the Ministry of Interior on March 10th, 2006. The vision of FNN is to “promote family economic of farmers and of rural community equity and sustainability. The Mission: • Unite as one force to protect farmer’s rights and interests and to be [...]

NH Nonghyup

NH Nonghyup (NACF) is a multipurpose cooperative with four main business divisions: agricultural marketing and supply, livestock marketing and supply, banking and insurance, and the extension service, which offers guidance. Following a restructuring in 2012, the NACF now serves its members and customers through 27 subsidiaries and two affiliate organizations. It represents 2.44 million individual members from 1,165 member cooperatives: more than [...]

De Parach Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited

The cooperative’s mission is to promote agriculture among the youth of Nigeria, in order to boost their economic status and self-reliance, and also to assist women with little or no income, especially single mothers and widows, through its empowerment programmes.

Union of Rose Producers Agricultural Sales Cooperatives (Gülbirlik)

Due to special climate requirements, only a few number of countries in the world produce attar of roses. Turkey is one of the countries that produce it. Rose damascene cultivation is realized in Isparta Province and environs of Isparta in Turkey. Gülbirlik is the only higher unit of rose damascene cultivators’ cooperatives, which consists of 6 cooperatives which bring together all the [...]

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