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Happiness Sharing Mart Co-operative

Happiness Sharing Mart Co-operative is the first supermarket in Korea to be operated by a workers’ cooperative. Starting with Happiness Sharing Mart, the co-op opened its second store in 2016. They also opened ‘Berry Jeju’, an online and offline shopping mall that sells Jeju specialties and cultural products, ‘Seomchae’, a local food buffet restaurant, and ‘Aewol Barbeque’, a local food restaurant where [...]

OCEAN – Center of Public Provision

Consumer society OCEAN was established in 2016 by a group of likeminded people with previous experience in DIY (do it yourself) sector as a local social center for Kostroma region. It provides possibilities for co-operative members to exchange shares (goods, commodity and etc.) without money.

Coop Israel

COOP Israel is the leading consumer cooperative in Israel, operating the third largest food chain in the country. The cooperative was founded in Jerusalem in 1939. In 1942, COOP began operating neighborhood grocery stores, forming the historic basis of the chain. It has since expanded its activities over the years, absorbing various smaller brands and consolidating its position as a leading retail group [...]

Cooperativa Obrera Limitada de Consumo y Vivienda

Cooperativa Obrera is a consumer cooperative with cooperative supermarkets located in 53 cities in Argentina. It is one of the cooperatives with the most members in Argentina and employs over four thousand people, making it the second largest consumer cooperative in Latin America.

Play Cafe Cooperative (in development)

We are a group of like-minded people who are in the processing of founding a worker cooperative.  We hope to create an indoor children's playground and cafe in the greater Madison, WI area.  We will use this space to document our journey - thanks for stopping by! Draft Mission Statement: Each day, we strive to provide an inclusive and wondrous space which enables [...]

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