Name: Bihu N° of Employees: 15
City: Bihu N° of Members: 328
Country: China Year of formation: 2000

Bihu is among the first agricultural cooperatives established in China after 1978. This cooperative is a classic example of a shareholding cooperative in China. Thanks to a huge market place (the biggest one in the area) invested by the cooperative, more than 150 jobs in rural areas are provided, half of which are part-time employment […]

POP Pankkiliitto (POP Bank Alliance)

Name: POP Pankkiliitto (POP Bank Alliance) N° of Employees: 709
City: Helsinki N° of Members: 108711
Country: Finland Year of formation: 1997

POP Pankki (POP Bank) is a cooperative banking group comprised currently of 36 independent cooperative banks.

Willy Street Co-op

Name: Willy Street Co-op N° of Employees: 275
City: Madison N° of Members: 31000
Country: United States Year of formation: 1973
Facebook: Link

A full-service grocery cooperative specializing in natural, organic and locally produced foods. Our Deli features delicious hot food, vegan bakery and a fresh soup and salad bar. Visit our juice and coffee bar; then see our fresh seafood, freshly baked bread, and our acclaimed produce department, full of organic and local fruit and vegetables. You […]


Name: GoCoop N° of Employees: 20
City: Bangalore
Country: India Year of formation: 2011
Facebook: Link

GoCoop is an organization dedicated to socio-economic development of co-ops and self-help groups (SHGs) through technology innovation. In this endeavour, is a web-based global collaboration platform for Co-ops which helps them connect, collaborate and co-operate. The platform leverages information and communication technology and enables cooperative organizations to communicate and collaborate with their members […]

Coexphal (Association of fruit and vegetable growers of Almería)

Name: Coexphal (Association of fruit and vegetable growers of Almería) N° of Employees: 40
City: Almer N° of Members: 72
Country: Spain Year of formation: 1977

Originally formed to enable exportation, Coexphal is now an association of, and service provider to, 72 agricultural cooperatives and producer entities (themselves with 13,500 farmer members), representing 70% of exports and 65% of total production of Almería, which translates into 1.8 million tons and a turnover of over 1.500 million Euros. The associated cooperatives and […]

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