Idea 90

Name: Idea 90 N° of Employees: 4
City: Scalea N° of Members: 6
Country: Italy Year of formation: 1990
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Idea 90 is a social cooperative founded in 1990 in Scalea (Calabria), Italy. It quickly became a leader in providing socio-educational services for children. For over 20 years it has worked to alleviate problems faced in the region and in 2010 Idea 90 served as the voice of the third sector in discussions regarding planning […]


Name: Bihu N° of Employees: 15
City: Bihu N° of Members: 328
Country: China Year of formation: 2000

Bihu is among the first agricultural cooperatives established in China after 1978. This cooperative is a classic example of a shareholding cooperative in China. Thanks to a huge market place (the biggest one in the area) invested by the cooperative, more than 150 jobs in rural areas are provided, half of which are part-time employment […]

POP Pankkiliitto (POP Bank Alliance)

Name: POP Pankkiliitto (POP Bank Alliance) N° of Employees: 709
City: Helsinki N° of Members: 108711
Country: Finland Year of formation: 1997

POP Pankki (POP Bank) is a cooperative banking group comprised currently of 36 independent cooperative banks.

Willy Street Co-op

Name: Willy Street Co-op N° of Employees: 275
City: Madison N° of Members: 31000
Country: United States Year of formation: 1973
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A full-service grocery cooperative specializing in natural, organic and locally produced foods. Our Deli features delicious hot food, vegan bakery and a fresh soup and salad bar. Visit our juice and coffee bar; then see our fresh seafood, freshly baked bread, and our acclaimed produce department, full of organic and local fruit and vegetables. You […]


Name: GoCoop N° of Employees: 20
City: Bangalore
Country: India Year of formation: 2011
Facebook: Link

GoCoop is an organization dedicated to socio-economic development of co-ops and self-help groups (SHGs) through technology innovation. In this endeavour, is a web-based global collaboration platform for Co-ops which helps them connect, collaborate and co-operate. The platform leverages information and communication technology and enables cooperative organizations to communicate and collaborate with their members […]

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