The Hub Trentino Soc. Coop

Name: The Hub Trentino Soc. Coop N° of Employees: 4
City: Rovereto N° of Members: 10
Country: Italy Year of formation: 2010
Website: Twitter: Link
Facebook: Link

The Hub is a global community of people and spaces supporting social innovation; The Hub Rovereto is part of this network. It is a cooperative set up 2 years ago with the aim of adapting the Hub model to an area which is not metropolitan (Trentino). The Hub Rovereto is made up of a community of 70 members and a space of 200 m2 located in the town centre and used for coworking and events. The Hub Rovereto wishes to encourage a bottom-up approach to social innovation through collecting ideas, helping to bring people’s ideas to life and enhancing their impact.

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