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65. CORIANDOLINE Friendly houses for girls and boys

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City: Correggio N° of Members: 5579
Country: Italy Year of formation: 1975
Website: http://www.andria.it
About this coop:

Andria was founded in 1975 as a building cooperative in Correggio, Italy (near Reggio Emilia) during the first years of the public housing plans. Originally, it took on the task of organizing requests and managing the building process. In performing this important social role, enabling many families to purchase their first home, the cooperative gained important expertise and developed an innovative approach. The building cooperative of the 1990s then became Andria Housing Cooperative. While it started out building houses, over time it became a point of reference for residents wanting to improve their community and quality of life through an organized and participatory process where decision-making processes, strategic objectives, and quantity and quality of the outcomes can be relied upon.

The Andria Cooperative, active in the housing sector, was founded in Correggio (Reggio Emilia-Italy) in 1975. The 1990’s brought a development in the Cooperative’s approach: from purely building homes, it matured into becoming a reference point for people wanting to intervene in the territory to improve their quality of life. Therefore, by strengthening its relations with members and local communities, through a deep process of active participation and intensive analysis of members’ needs, the Cooperative has developed original research activities, developing experimental projects, such as: CASE per GIO.CO: First-time Homes for Young Couples (received a World Habitat Award 2002 – Honourable Mention); CAS’O-MAI (case o mai?) – Dwellings for immigrant workers and families in difficulty; CORIANDOLINE Friendly houses for girls and boys (Peggy Guggenheim 2001 Award, Sodalitas Social Award 2009 – Certificate of Merit). For more information, visit us at www.andria.it or www.coriandoline.it or view our YouTube channel at: www.youtube.com/user/AndriaChannel

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Luciano Pantaleoni
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