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Finnish Cooperative Banks Shape Their Own Destiny

Cooperative banks are hugely important in Finland, with a combined market share of over one-third, one of the highest in Europe. The cooperative banking sector in the country was shaken up in the 1990s, when a minority of banks split from the central cooperative banking group, OP Group. They formed their own competing cooperative banking group, now known as POP Pankki (POP [...]

Peace of Mind in a Time of Mourning Thanks to Loan Life Insurance

In West Africa, two million families are now protected by an innovative and advantageous loan life insurance product. This product was developed by the Confederation of Financial Institutions of West Africa (CIF) and its six member networks of financial cooperatives, including the PAMÉCAS network in Senegal, in collaboration with Développement international Desjardins (DID) and Desjardins Financial Security (DFS). The procedure introduced has borrowers [...]

Another type of banking

A bank whose operations are as wide-ranging as those of Bank Rakyat can afford to change the way it does business. In 2003, 49 years after its foundation, Malaysia’s Bank Rakyat, one of Asia’s largest co-operative banks, embraced an operating system based on Shariah (Islamic legal) principles. Since then Bank Rakyat has been able to further extend its operations to the Malaysian islands of Sabah and Sarawak. Bank Rakyat is driven by its commitment to provide affordable financial facilities to support [...]

The Almería Agricultural Cooperative Model: Building successful economic and social communities

In 1955, the Andalucían province of Almería, in southeastern Spain, was a drought-ridden area with little infrastructure and a GDP per capita of less than half the national average. Most residents who had not already fled in search of better opportunities were merely subsisting. Today, it is the top Spanish fruit and vegetable growing area with an income among the wealthiest third [...]

Closing the Gender Gap in Cooperative Banking

Italy lags behind almost every other European country when it comes to women’s employment. Employment rates for men are more than 20 percentage points higher than those for women. And women represent only 4 percent of company board members, the second-lowest rate in Western Europe, even though on average Italian women are better educated than Italian men. This poor representation has serious repercussions [...]

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