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476. The Jardins of Desjardins

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Coop Name: Desjardins Group N° of Employees: 45,219
City: Lévis N° of Members: 5800000
Country: Canada Year of formation: 1900
Website: http://www.desjardins.com Twitter: Link
About this coop:

With more than 6 million members and clients, Desjardins Group is the largest cooperative financial group in Canada. As an International Co-operative Alliance member, Desjardins shares the same ideals as thousands of cooperatives around the world. These ideals are expressed through a set of values that defined the cooperative identity since the very start. For more than 40 years, its component Développement international Desjardins (DID) has been working with developing and emerging countries towards the goal of sharing the expertise and experience of Desjardins and helping local communities set up their own financial cooperative networks. DID’s goal is to provide disadvantaged communities around the world with access to secure, diversified financial services that fit their needs. Find stories from Desjardin Group and DID below.

Tomatoes on the roof, ferns on the walls… The Desjardins Group, Canada’s leading cooperative financial group and the fifth largest in the world, is taking the principle of sustainability to heart and introducing ground-breaking environmental initiatives at all levels – literally. The roof of a bank might be one of the last places you’d expect […]

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475. Pulling Nigerians Out of Poverty

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Coop Name: De Parach Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited
City: Awka N° of Members: 255
Country: Nigeria Year of formation: 2012
Facebook: Link
About this coop:

The cooperative’s mission is to promote agriculture among the youth of Nigeria, in order to boost their economic status and self-reliance, and also to assist women with little or no income, especially single mothers and widows, through its empowerment programmes.

Nigeria, the “Giant of Africa”, has the continent’s largest population and economy, now worth over $500 billion thanks in large part to its oil reserves. This wealth, however, has not stopped 60% of Nigerians living in extreme poverty, nor youth unemployment being close to 80%. Peter Obiorah, president of the De Parach Multipurpose Co-operative Society, […]

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474. School Trips to the Slaughterhouse

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Coop Name: Danish Crown N° of Employees: 25000
City: Randers S N° of Members: 9500
Country: Denmark Year of formation: 1887
Website: http://www.danishcrown.com
About this coop:

The Danish Crown group is an international food producer with production and sales across the world. Danish Crown, the parent company, produces and markets pork and beef. Danish Crown´s subsidiaries produce and market processed food products and other products for food production. It is the world's largest exporter of pork.

One of Denmark’s popular attractions, visited by 250,000 since it opened in 2005, is not a historic site or a museum, but a slaughterhouse where 100,000 pigs are killed every week. Politicians, agriculture ministers and members of the European Parliament are among the visitors, but so too are local associations, pensioners and school groups. The […]

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473. Bread and Cooperatives

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Coop Name: Cooperativa Obrera Limitada de Consumo y Vivienda N° of Employees: 4400
City: Bahía Blanca N° of Members: 1338798
Country: Argentina Year of formation: 1920
Website: http://www.cooperativaobrera.coop
About this coop:

Cooperativa Obrera is a consumer cooperative with cooperative supermarkets located in 53 cities in Argentina. It is one of the cooperatives with the most members in Argentina and employs over four thousand people, making it the second largest consumer cooperative in Latin America.

One Sunday evening in spring 1920, 173 workers in the Argentine city of Bahía Blanca decided to form a cooperative to combat the growing spread of bakery cartels. Since then, the Cooperativa Obrera (“workers’ cooperative”) has grown to become the largest consumer cooperative in Argentina and the second-largest in Latin America, with 107 stores in […]

472. Community Night at the Co-op: A Platform for Health Education

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Country: Belgium
About this coop:

With a tight economy and limited funding for our public school system, every kid and parent is probably aware of what the word “fundraiser” means. Whether it be door to door pizza, cookie, or coffee sales, there is always a great school cause to raise money for. Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs) are also turning to various […]

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