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A Source for Sustainable Teak

Tropical hardwoods have long been in the environmental spotlight as potentially unsustainable. In Asia, for example, the demand for teak can have serious environmental impacts and disastrous effects on local communities. Much of the world’s teak comes from Indonesia, where native forests are often clear-cut. But one cooperative in Southeast Sulawesi is now producing certified sustainable teak for the international furniture market. In [...]

Buckthorn, gooseberry: bushes bringing women into the Mongolian workforce

What do four single mothers do when the government unit they worked in is privatized and their jobs are eroded? In the case of these four women, they decide to grow their own business, a co-operative business. “After the privatization of the forestry unit, we were dismissed in 1998 and it has become very difficult for us to survive,” explains D. Tsendsuren. The [...]

Do forest cooperatives have a future in New Zealand?

Cooperation among small scale forest owners in New Zealand is in its infancy. Surveys show that most woodlot owners lack understanding of good forest practice and they do not want to pass the control to a cooperative. They think that, since trees continue growing, one can wait until log prices are high before cutting. However, such dreams are almost never realized. Typically, owners [...]

One cooperative changes many lives

What would the world be without cooperatives? Imagine the world without cooperatives, there would be less community, little sustainable development, people wouldn’t be able to access markets at reasonable prices and families wouldn’t be able to afford basic needs. However, Jose Malik is able to provide for his family and access markets at reasonable prices because of his membership with Cooperative Café Timor [...]

Maximizing farmer benefits

Linking its farmer members to local, regional and national markets - thereby doing away with the middlemen who profit at the expense of the farmers - is the key to the success of agricultural cooperatives. The latest report from the FAO on hunger released on October 9, shows that 870 million people do not have enough food on a daily basis. The FAO [...]

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