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Iran’s big co-operative plans

Six years ago, the Iranian Vegetable Oil Industry Association decided it was time to go into business – co-operative business. Under its association framework it was not legally allowed to go into business, only to act as a collaborator between the private sector and the government in Iran. So, the association created The Iran Oilseeds & Vegetable Oil Processing Factories Co-operative or Farda, [...]

The Central Union Of Turkish Forestry Cooperatives

Forest villages are located a long distance from cities. The living conditions in these villages are severe. Forest villagers have low-income. Their share in the national income is very low: the equivalent to about one quarter of the national income. The main income of these villagers comes from working in the forest and a very small amount from a few agricultural activities. [...]

Sustainable business regardless of the social system

Mongolia boasted 225 large collective farms before the Democratic revolution of 1990. From that point on most of the collective farms were privatised and then collapsed. The collective farms that did survive this process were few and each re-organised into a co-operative-based model. The largest of these primary agricultural co-operatives is called Buyan-Undral and is also one of the largest member co-operatives of the [...]

Circle of love becomes circle of life

It is sometimes said that if women received the same training and opportunites as men in developing countries, that the number of people living in poverty could drop by as much as 150 million. In South African, the women are taking the situation into their own hands. In Tooseng village in the Limpopo province of South Africa a group of 10 women have established [...]

A Source for Sustainable Teak

Tropical hardwoods have long been in the environmental spotlight as potentially unsustainable. In Asia, for example, the demand for teak can have serious environmental impacts and disastrous effects on local communities. Much of the world’s teak comes from Indonesia, where native forests are often clear-cut. But one cooperative in Southeast Sulawesi is now producing certified sustainable teak for the international furniture market. In [...]

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