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432. Trade School – a learning space that runs on barter

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Coop Name: Trade School N° of Employees: 6
City: Brooklyn NY N° of Members: 25
Country: United States Year of formation: 2009
Website: http://TradeSchool.coop Twitter: Link
Facebook: Link
About this coop:

Trade School is a self-organized learning platform that connects students to receive instruction from teachers in exchange for barter items that the teacher requests. The Trade School network is made up of self-organized barter-for-knowledge schools across the world. It started in 2010 with a small group of friends in New York and spread to Virginia and Milan in 2011. In 2012, we built a better version of our barter-for-knowledge web platform so that we could share it with organizers elsewhere. Trade School has a staff of 6 volunteers and 25 member cities across the world.

Photo Credits: OurGoods.org

Trade School is a non-traditional learning space inspired by Mess Hall and the Principles of Cooperation that runs on barter. Anyone can teach a class. Students sign up by agreeing to meet the barter requests of teachers. On the day of class, students and teachers gather in a space that is made available by Trade School organizers. In New York, we make our own furniture, cook food in the space, and serve tea to welcome people. Students give barter items to the teacher, and class begins. Trade School celebrates hands on knowledge and experience. It is a place to learn with other people who value practical wisdom, mutual aid, and the social nature of exchange. Local Trade School chapters open whenever a group of volunteers decide to organize one collectively.
View more videos and learn more about how Trade School has grown and helped start new trade schools around the world at http://tradeschool.coop/about

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