492. TRADOC Co-operative Democratic Workers of the West

Co-operative Democratic Workers of the West (TRADOC) Adjacent to a small Mexican town called El Salto which is located less than 30 kilometers south of the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco you will discover one of the newest and most successful worker co-operatives in the world. The worker co-operative is called TRADOC, which is short for […]

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456. America’s Electric Cooperatives: Showing the Way to a Sustainable Future?

Martin Lowery believes cooperatives are responsible for what might be greatest engineering feat of the 20th century in the United States: bringing electricity to millions of rural homes after private companies refused to provide the infrastructure to extend power lines into the heart of the country. Lowery is the Executive Vice President for Member and […]

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445. How the social economy mitigates the public mood

As many parts of Europe continue to feel the effects of a deeply troubled Eurozone economy, in Poland the work continues to build a sustainable, social economy, with the National Auditing Union of Workers’ Co-operatives (NAUWC) playing a leading role. Back in 2004, the Second European Social Economy Conference was held for the first time […]

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429. Co-operatives key to Iran’s economy

Iran has a plan. It wants to expand its co-operative sector to account for 25 per cent of GDP. This is no small task. It would represent a five-fold lift in contribution from the co-operative sector to the national economy from the five per cent of GDP it already accounts for. At the head of […]

418. The Central Union Of Turkish Forestry Cooperatives

Forest villages are located a long distance from cities. The living conditions in these villages are severe. Forest villagers have low-income. Their share in the national income is very low: the equivalent to about one quarter of the national income. The main income of these villagers comes from working in the forest and a very […]