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452. Café Revolution: Better than Fair Trade

13 years ago US natives Matt Earley and Mike Moon started working intermittently in the Chiapas region of Mexico. The men were there to support the Zapatista movement underway, but their involvement quickly took on a new and specific form. Seeking ways to improve economic stability, the little coffee communities around Pantelho, Chiapas organized into […]

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381. One cooperative changes many lives

What would the world be without cooperatives? Imagine the world without cooperatives, there would be less community, little sustainable development, people wouldn’t be able to access markets at reasonable prices and families wouldn’t be able to afford basic needs. However, Jose Malik is able to provide for his family and access markets at reasonable prices […]

380. One Bean at a Time

Ever wonder where Starbucks delicious coffee comes from? Some of Starbucks’ rare and exquisite coffee comes from Sidama, Ethiopia, where Ferro Cooperative’s gourmet coffee is known to be Starbucks eighth Black Apron Exclusive. Other Ethiopian cooperatives’ coffees were inspired by the Ferro Cooperative and have created their own coffee which received universal acclaim for its […]

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316. Transparent and sustainable: Cooperative Coffees

Coffee is the most important export of the tropical nations of the world, and the primary export of a number of developing countries. When Bill Harris walked through the door of a coffee farmers’ co-operative in the highlands Chiapas region of Mexico, he met Monika Firl who was working there. Later, following many conversations about […]

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288. Planet Bean Coffee serves up International Year of Cooperatives flavour

From banners to buttons, flags to flash mobs, cooperators across Canada are showing their IYC colours, but a worker coop in Guelph, ON is showing its IYC flavour: the 2012 Coffee Blend. Planet Bean Coffee, owned and operated by the Sumac Community Worker Co-operative (SUMAC), created the special blend in celebration of the IYC and […]