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464. 200 Artists, One Great Idea

In a region known for experience occurring in the cloud, on the net and through a virtual reality, City Art Cooperative in San Francisco, CA focuses on a single physical space and the objects that 200 artists create. Twelve times a year the gallery walls and pedestals, laden with an ever-changing display, transform and the […]

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453. Bound together through Change

54,000 members support Seminary Co-op Bookstore, located on the Southside of Chicago, IL, USA. Toether they are surviving a revolution. Though people in the US still read a great deal, a majority of book sales now comes through online vendors and e-readers. Across the country bookstores fail at a shocking rate. The last few years […]

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407. Powerful national co-operative movement looks to young to grow global movement

One in three Singaporean residents is a member of a co-operative, explains Dolly Goh. But when the lively chief executive of the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) talks about her “McDonalds strategy” she is not only talking about the island nation.This federation has been quietly taking one of its concepts for 2012, the UN International […]

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377. Rymel Serrano Uribe prize to promote cooperation in Colombia

To commemorate the International Year of Cooperatives, the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia created the “RYMEL SERRANO URIBE” prize to promote academic efforts and production in the Social and Cooperative Economy. Rymel Serrano Uribe, University co-founder, is a lawyer specialized in the solidarity economy and cooperativism with experience in the cooperative sector for over 60 years […]

361. Housing Coop Commissions Work of Art

The Berlin housing cooperative GeWoSued commissioned the artist Sandra Lange with a wallpainting. Once Building Art was a marketing-must of commercial housing developers. Due to a high housing demand in the big german cities investors today neglect any additional effort. The GeWoSued cooperative tries to achieve with every building or modernisation something special. As art […]