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482. An Innovative Example of Social Tourism

In Italy, where social cooperatives have long played a key role in filling the gaps left exposed by dwindling public services, the Città Solare is pioneering an innovative form of social tourism, bringing together the disadvantaged in need of training and employment, the marginalized in need of accommodation and tourists and travellers looking for a […]

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425. The kinship tradition

In the early 1970s the inner-Sydney suburb of Redfern was “really, really racist”, says resident Sol Bellear, of the Bundjalung people, far north New South Wales coast. To receive medical care, “you had to pay two dollars to attend the emergency department. If you were Aboriginal you might sit there for half the day and […]

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335. History of housing cooperative Mancasale and Coviolo

This short video tells the history of this housing cooperative, providing housing, cultural and social activities for its members. Through Fascism and war the cooperative today has 16 residential dwellings, 15 garages, 3 stores, 1 gym, and 5 local offices.

273. 4th of July at “The Flat”

“It was an awesome time” says Emma Thatcher, To The Moon director, of the 4th of July barbeque at the University of Montana housing co-op called the “UM FLAT“.

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118. The Other Way Home

Housing in our cities are in a state of crisis. With an ever greater proportion of people’s incomes going toward their housing, many people today are experiencing either severe mortgage or rental stress. The little known model of rental housing co-operatives offers a democratic alternative to traditional private and public sector housing. This is the […]