BRREA HISTORY In the beginning, there was no distribution system to the rural consumers. The big utilities did not believe it was financially viable. REA’S were then formed out of a necessity to bring electricity to rural consumers. The early farmers, progressive and determined, formed your Cooperative REA and built their own Distribution System. Once the rural distribution systems were built, rural Alberta flourished with development. The REAs owned all of the rural lines until later on when the oil field development began. It was only through limitations within the agreement that restricted REA membership to farms. Because REA’s were not originally granted franchise areas, the rural electric system became the integrated system today. REA’S have survived many challenges in the past; today, they continue to meet challenges head on, ensuring the spirit and determination of rural Albertans as originally started by our pioneer farmers! We are a unique, dynamic, market driven fully operational electricity utility that is proud to be serving its rural members. We have a legacy that we continue to follow strategizing, and decision making for the powerful future of BRREA