It was formed in 1982 in Phyu Township. Members came to this area from various kinds of regions. They didn’t have land and other properties. In this area, it was a vacant land area. So, people organized to do collective business and get the idea to form a cooperative.

There are 46 members. There are 7 Board of Directors and mange the day to day activities. In the beginning, they were facing many difficulties and nothing properties. After forming cooperative, they tried to grow paddy in those land with collective system. They didn’t allocate the all benefits but they allocated 2/3 of benefits for the society and the remaining 1/3 for the members. After 10 years, they have improved their financial situation, extended the farm land, increased income of members. They have affiliate members for new generation.

In 2018, they joined to the WeEffect project that is collaboration with Central Cooperative Society, CCS. And they actively participate in the project activities. So, members and Board of Directors are improved their knowledge and can do their farm business in systematic way which received the organizational management training, financial management training, agriculture technology trainings, bio-fertilizer making training, livestock technology training, getting market linkage, vocational trainings (food processing, tailoring, household commodities) for income generation, basic machinery and tool handling training, Village Savings and Loan Association model.

The VSLA group are also doing very well and follows the WeEffect’s guideline. Some women members are doing a small business through vocational training that is provided by We Effect project.

CCS has to select the potential societies when they receive the ICA’s activities. Therefore, the society had a good opportunity to participate in the International Cooperative Organizations because CCS is a member of ICA. So, members and Board of Directors could joined to the ICA’s events.

Now, the society could provide water supply and electricity, accommodation and provide the land for school, village clinic, creating job opportunities for  new generation of the members. The society has rice mill, dryer, farm machines, animal feed grinding machine and also doing brick business. They are doing paddy seed production business and selling to the public, distribution fertilizer business.

The farm land has been increased up to 800 acres and they possess the strong capital and infrastructure to extend their business. They could also provide the loan to the members. So, they are trying to fulfill the members’ need and to uplift the socio-economic of members. This society is a successful cooperative in Myanmar.