There is pressure on the sovereignty of civilians, while at the same time much input is expected of the autonomous citizen. The fields of tension are wide and concern individualisation in our society, and the lack of shared visions on how we should age. The European year of ‘Active Ageing’ shows the timeliness of the subject. An integral approach of ageing in our society, and the opportunities for the elderly to participate and have control, offer a solution.

Our vision is based on a worldview that revolves around autonomy and public responsibilities. People want to have control over their lives, and they want to be supported by their community. This support can only be realised when civilians have control. Communities can fulfil their member’s wish of ageing well, by creating a civilian cooperative that serves and supports civilians. Ageing well happens within the context of a community. In this community, the individual has a responsibility to contribute. Conversely, the community has a responsibility to support the elder individual in his autonomous life choices. The community determines democratically what the various demands are that their members share, and which public facilities are needed to answer to these demands.

The Civil Community Web is a cooperative with support in housing, working, well-being and healthcare. It is like a web-structure with a focus of facilities in the centre. The web emerges on a local level and connects the members and the facilities of a community. Which facilities are needed and how they are integrated, is determined by the community instead of by the existing institutions. The organisation of the structure is based on that of cooperative network organisation. The cooperative overlays the existing institutions from above and is based on the principal of a learning organisation. The necessary means to realise the Civil Community Web are already existent. From the organisation itself, new means will emerge based on voluntary communal contributions such as knowledge, labour and service. Because the control over and the directing of the enterprise is based on agreement and cooperation between the members, an economic force arises that can lead to large shifts in supply and demand.

This business plan is a draw. It is an outline that can get content in different ways. It is version zero, a working document that requires your feedback. For our approach, we search wide support. The cooperative is not yet established. With enough support, the business plan will be translated into a franchise formula and the formation of the cooperative will be started.

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