is a project dreamt and developed by Andrea and Sara, a married couple who decided to put together their passions and skills and embark on a thrilling experience of a lifetime: travelling around the world for one year, documenting different sorts of cooperatives on all the continents.

We believe that cooperatives and other forms of member-based organizationsplay a crucial role in reassigning sovereignty over the use of resources to communities and building a sustainable economy for the benefit of the all humanity and our planet. Each cooperative is a unique ensemble of people and communities who have voluntarily engaged in collective actions to improve their lives, relying on their own shared visions, creativity, passion and innovative ideas. For this reason, is committed to meeting people from all continents, listening to their stories and learning from each unique experience.

Follow the project to find out more about this exciting travel documenting how cooperatives can make the difference in promoting sustainable development worldwide while leaving no one behind. 15 countries, 5 continents, 12 months! A cooperative world is possible! is a project supported by the ICA-EU partnership on cooperative development (#coops4dev)