Dame Pauline Green tells national conference one billion people can’t be wrong
Paris, France. 4 October 2012; Co-operative enterprises are a lynchpin in the “real economy” and co-operative banks stabilise and ensure against market failures, said Dame Pauline Green, President of the International Co-operative Alliance, today.
Yet while more than one million people from around the world have voted with their feet by moving their money out of non-co-operative financial institutions and into co-operative banks and credit unions, political and economic leaders are yet to fully recognise the co-operative sector for its ability to provide a solution to the continuing financial crisis.
“One billion people can’t be wrong – when one billion of the world’s citizens have chosen to become a member of a co-op, there has to be something powerful going on,” said Dame Pauline, on the occasion of French co-operative bank Crédit Coopératif’s 32nd national conference.
Read more in the attached press release (ica_paris_press_release.doc) and in Crédit Coopératif’s story on Stories.coop.