Rah-e-Roshd Education Cooperative

Name: Rah-e-Roshd Education Cooperative N° of Employees: 650
City: Tehran N° of Members: 162
Country: Iran Year of formation: 1985
Website: http://Www.coopschool.ir

Rah Roshd Cooperative Educational Complex, active in the nation’s education system for three decades, was started up as a kindergarten in 1987 by a number of Tehrani teachers who had innovative ideas in the field of education and yearned to have a different philosophy of school administration realized. They were soon joined by some university […]

OCEAN – Center of Public Provision

Name: OCEAN – Center of Public Provision N° of Employees: 25
City: Kostroma N° of Members: 4000
Country: Russia Year of formation: 2016
Website: http://po-ocean.ru
Facebook: Link

Consumer society OCEAN was established in 2016 by a group of likeminded people with previous experience in DIY (do it yourself) sector as a local social center for Kostroma region. It provides possibilities for co-operative members to exchange shares (goods, commodity and etc.) without money.

Global Co-operative Development Group Inc

Name: Global Co-operative Development Group Inc
City: Regina N° of Members: 4
Country: Canada Year of formation: 2011
Website: http://www.co-operativeenterprise.coop

The Global Co-operative Development Group Inc. is a registered co-operative which was created to: Provide a space for co-operative practitioners, researchers, developers, and educators to contribute their experience and expertise to support the development of co-operative enterprises globally. Help promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of the unique aspects of the co-operative enterprise business model. Stimulate […]

Halandri Parents Social Cooperative Enterprise

Name: Halandri Parents Social Cooperative Enterprise N° of Employees: 20
City: Halandri N° of Members: 40
Country: Greece Year of formation: 2011
Website: http://www.cooplife.org Twitter: Link
Facebook: Link

Halandri Parents SCE is a Social Cooperative Enterprise created by the need to offer childcare services to preschool and school-age children and their families. The founding members are parents who met at the parents’ committee formed in 2011 to oppose the shrinking of preschool education in the municipality of Halandri in Athens, Greece. Meanwhile, Greek […]

Cooperativa Obrera Limitada de Consumo y Vivienda

Name: Cooperativa Obrera Limitada de Consumo y Vivienda N° of Employees: 4400
City: Bahía Blanca N° of Members: 1338798
Country: Argentina Year of formation: 1920
Website: http://https://www.cooperativaobrera.coop

Cooperativa Obrera is a consumer cooperative with cooperative supermarkets located in 53 cities in Argentina. It is one of the cooperatives with the most members in Argentina and employs over four thousand people, making it the second largest consumer cooperative in Latin America.

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