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Asiapro Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Asiapro Multi-purpose Cooperative ranks among the country’s largest and excellently managed social enterprises. From a pioneer workers cooperative established in 1999 by 60 members who envisioned marginalized, low-income workers enjoying the full benefits of regular employment, Asiapro (together with its affiliates) exponentially grew and became a strong collective force of 65,000 workers. They serve up to 300 multinational and local client-companies through [...]

Total E&P Nigeria Cooperative

Total E&P Nigeria Staff Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited (Total E&P Co-op) commenced operations in 1984 as Total E & P (Nigeria) Thrift and Credit Society Limited. It had an initial capital of N20, 000,000.00, and has grown from double digit membership at inception, to 1,643 members today. As with such societies, membership is voluntary and open to Total staff across Nigeria. Now [...]

Ontario Co-operative Association

OCA is a non-profit co-operative that was originally formed in 1989 as CCA Ontario Region, and officially incorporated in 2002. They are one of nine provincial associations that serve English-speaking co-operatives and co-op member organizations across Canada, that are linked through a national committee, the Council of Regional Executives (CORE). Our Mandate is to be: The voice of co-operatives in Ontario, which we [...]

North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO)

The North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) Family organizes and educates affordable group equity co-ops and their members for the purpose of promoting a community-oriented cooperative movement.


Coomeva es la unión de profesionales más importante de Colombia, que se asocian para acceder solidariamente a servicios de bienestar para ellos y sus familias. La misión de Coomeva es contribuir al desarrollo integral del asociado y su familia, al fortalecimiento del Sector Cooperativo y a la construcción de capital social en Colombia. El 4 de marzo de 1964, con el liderazgo inspirador [...]

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