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Tien Phong Muong Vi

Business activities: growing rice, planting spice and medicinal plants; processing and preserving vegetables and fruits; production of pharmaceutical chemicals and pharmaceutical materials; post-harvest service activities Number of members: 14 households

Boeng Leach Sambophal Agricultural Cooperative

With support from Farmer and Nature Net (FNN), Boeng Leach Sambophal Agricultural Cooperative was established and registered officially on 31 December 2012 under the Law on Agricultural Cooperatives. It was registered initially with 53 members of whom 39 were female. Its aim was to (1) look for the markets that can sell farming products at higher prices (2) provide organic agriculture training, [...]

Pachamama Coffee Cooperative

Pachamama Coffee Cooperative is the first coffee roaster in North America 100% owned and governed by family farmers in Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Ethiopia. We select, roast and brew our best organic coffee and ship directly to customers. At Pachamama, the farmers own the company, ensuring all profits flow back to origin. Pachamama Coffee's five member-cooperatives are: COCLA (Peru), PRODECOOP (Nicaragua), [...]

Coop Coffee Indonesia

Coop Coffee Indonesia (Co-operative for the Indonesian Coffee) is the business program for the coffee farmers under Indonesian Ministry of Co-operative & Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Of Republic of Indonesia. Two aims of the business is to IMPROVE the coffee farmers’ wealth in co-operative bases and to PROMOTE the Indonesian best coffee to the world due to the fact that nothing beats a cup of [...]

Lao Cai Provincial Cooperative Alliance

Lao Cai Provincial Cooperative Alliance was established in 1996. The unit has the following functions and tasks: Participating in the development and implementation of strategies, plans, programs for development of collective economy in the province. Gathering opinions and needs of LCPCA’s members to recommend and propose to the provincial Party Committee, the People's Council, the People's Committee, the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance, the [...]

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