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Japanese Health and Welfare Co-operative Federation (HeW Co-op Japan)

“HeW CO-OP JAPAN” is a national federation of health and welfare co-operatives that that deal with health and welfare business. The federation consists of 111 member co-ops and Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative Union (JCCU). They provide networking among cooperatives, knowledge sharing, recruitment and nurturing of medical and welfare staff, publications, joint purchase of pharmaceutical products.

Nepal Health Care Co-operative

Nepal Health Care Co-operative is Nepal’s biggest healthcare cooperative, running hospitals and medical teaching programs.

Aboriginal Medical Service Co-operative Ltd

Aboriginal primary health care service provider, offering medical and dental care as well as a drug and alcohol clinic nearby.

CADIAI Social Cooperative

A social cooperative founded in Bologna in 1974, which provides social, healthcare, and educational services to the public system for children, the disabled and the elderly. CADIAI's mission is to ensure stable employment for our members and the best economic, social and professional conditions as well as qualifying training programmes for our employees; to base cooperative action on the participation and entrepreneurial [...]

West Belconnen Health Cooperative Ltd

The West Belconnen Health Co-op is an affordable medical and health centre in the Australian Capital Territory that is owned by its patients. The Co-op has 4 sites with 10 bulk-billing doctors, a nurse practitioner, practice nurses and psychologists, as well as space for community organisations to offer programs and services. The Co-op was started in response to a shortage of [...]

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