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KFCC (Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives)

Community Credit Cooperative(CC, Saemaul Geumgo) CC had its beginning with five credit cooperatives, established in Gyeongsangnam-do in 1963. CC, as a financial cooperative, inherits the spirit of mutual help, which is also a main source of Gye, Hyangyak, Dure and has been playing not only economic functions of credit and insurance service but also social roles of members' welfare and community development business. [...]

The Co-operators Group

The Co-operators Group Limited is a third-tier cooperative whose member-owners include cooperative organizations and credit union centrals around Canada. It provides insurance and financial services in three core areas (property and casualty insurance, life insurance and institutional investments) and has more than $35.1 billion in assets under administration and 4,632 employees. The Co-operators protects over 722,000 homes, 1 million vehicles and 509,000 [...]

Koru Sigorta

Although insurance cooperatives have been active in many countries around the world, it is a new phenomenon in Turkey. The Koru Insurance Cooperative (Koru Sigorta), established in this sector in 2011, is the first and only cooperative in Turkey. Koru Sigorta keeps growing rapidly with support of all parties of the society.

TIP Friendly Society

TIP Friendly Society (TIP) is an organization that caters to the insurance needs of persons employed in the field of education in Jamaica; with the objective being to improve the economic, social and health status of members, staff and the wider community, by providing thrift and credit facilities, sickness, accident and death benefits.

Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples de Puerto Rico

Cooperative de Seguros Múltiples is one of the main property and contingency insurance providers in Puerto Rico. It has more than 150 authorized exclusive represenatatives and 11 branches across the entire island. The network of services offers 24 hour a day access via telephone and internet.

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