Buyan-Undral Cooperative

Name: Buyan-Undral Cooperative
City: Dariv soum N° of Members: 312
Country: Mongolia Year of formation: 1993

“Buyan-Undral” primary agricultural cooperative is the one of the largest member cooperatives of National Association of Mongolian Agricultural cooperatives.
The Mongolian Government and Local Government have valued the activities of Buyan-Undral highly and granted many awards and premiums to this cooperative, including in 2000 “Best cooperative” award of National Association of Mongolian Agricultural cooperatives /NAMAC/, in 2003 “National best cooperative” award, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia /MOFALI/, in 2004 “Agricultural model cooperative” of NAMAC, In 2005 “Top leading entity” of Govi-Altai province, Province Governer’s office, and in 2007 “Top leader of Agricultural sector” of Govi-Altai province.

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