Cooperativa A.L.P.I. scs

Name: Cooperativa A.L.P.I. scs N° of Employees: 80
City: Trento N° of Members: 32
Country: Italy Year of formation: 1990
Website: http://

ALPI is a social cooperative, settled in Trento, Northern Italy, an area particularly rich in cooperatives and social enterprises, nurtured by a strong social network. ALPI (Work Training through Personalized Programs) aims at the integration of disadvantaged people through work, giving a real chance of landing a job to people who are usually excluded from the labour market, due to social distress, mental illness or drug addiction. The training activity is structured into a three steps program: evaluation and training of working skills, picking out what task might match the soon-to-be worker’s skills, monitoring the progress of the new job, once the member has been employed. Established in 1990 by 20 founding members, today the member number has grown up to 32.

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