Cooperativa de Trabajo Unión Solidaria de Trabajadores (UST)

Name: Cooperativa de Trabajo Unión Solidaria de Trabajadores (UST) N° of Employees: 8
City: Avellaneda N° of Members: 82
Country: Argentina Year of formation: 2003

Unión Solidaria de Trabajadores (Solidarity Gathering of Workers, or UST) became a worker cooperative in 2003 as the plant’s formerly state-contracted workers faced job flexibilization and dismissals. Formally, UST is involved in parks maintenance for the municipality of Avellaneda and the management of the large, state-run landfill located in the neighbourhoods Villa Domínico and Wilde. Since recuperating their plant and converting it into a worker cooperative, UST has adopted a strong social mission; it is involved in creating and supporting many other community-based cooperatives and initiatives, in the areas of sports, waste recycling, education, housing, media, banking, and health.

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