Koperasi Warga Semen Gresik

Name: Koperasi Warga Semen Gresik N° of Employees: 737
City: Gresik N° of Members: 6,067
Country: Indonesia Year of formation: 1963
Website: http://https://www.kwsg.co.id/

Koperasi Warga Semen Gresik (KWSG) is a cooperative founded by PT Semen Gresik (PTSG), recently renamed Semen Indonesia, in 1963. KWSG has 6,067 members, of which 1,742 are employees of Semen Indonesia and 3,863 come from Semen Indonesia subsidiaries and affiliated companies. The 462 KWSG employees make up the remaining members. KWSG has 10 business units: stores, tailoring, loan & deposit, printing and photocopy, catering and restaurant, general trading, general trading of building materials, freight forwarding, event organizing and consumer goods distribution.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Llq5tsInlbs (in Indonesian)

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