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Berkeley Student Cooperative

The Berkeley Student Cooperative is a 501c3 nonprofit housing cooperative that provides affordable housing in room and board houses and apartments to students at UC Berkeley and other Bay Area colleges and universities. Presently the BSC has over 1300 student members living in or eating at twenty student housing cooperatives around the UC Berkeley campus. Each house is democratically run, and we [...]

ICA Housing

ICA Housing is a sectoral organisation of the International Co-operative Alliance. It was established to promote the development of co-operative housing in all countries, and in particular developing countries, as an economic and social contribution to the problem of providing shelter.

Kildahl Park Pointe Housing Cooperative

Kildahl Park Pointe (KPP) is a senior housing cooperative in Northfield, MN (U.S.A.) where active, independent adults will find an affordable alternative to traditional home ownership with tax advantages, secured equity growth, and freedom from the responsibility of home maintenance. KPP is a member of the Senior Cooperative Foundation - learn more at and


The main activity of the cooperative is building homes for our members. Social, sporting and cultural activities were also developed by the cooperative, and once consolidated became autonomous and are now run mostly by its members. We are using new green technologies, and the gym will be outfitted with solar panels.

NABCO – National Association of Building Cooperatives Society Ltd

NABCO is the national federation for housing cooperatives in Ireland, representing, promoting and developing cooperative housing in Ireland, supporting cooperative housing societies and contributing to the building of better communities.

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