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Seguros Futuro, A.C. de R.L.

Seguros Futuros is the only insurance cooperative in El Salvador, operating in life and non-life insurance and developing financial education about microinsurance for its policy-holders.

Uplift Mutuals

With over 100,000 members and growing, Uplift Mutuals has pioneered how communities can share their health/life risks (and not transfer them) when inbuilt as a system and with technical guidance and support. Facilitated by a strong technical support team and an effective distribution model, Uplift presents a unique value chain where communities, development organisations, technical support teams, health care providers and other [...]

CIC Insurance Group

The CIC Insurance Group comprises CIC General Insurance limited,CIC Life Assurance limited and CIC Asset Management limited. The Company has been in operation for the last 33 years. CIC is owned by about 1,562 Co-operative Societies and around 3,875 individual Co-operators with the Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited holding a 26% stake. CIC is the market leader in providing insurance services to [...]

Aseguradora Tajy S.A. Propiedad Cooperativa

With 14 years in the Paraguayan market Aseguradora Tajy is one of the top companies in the Paraguayan cooperative movement. Aseguradora Tajy operates in life and non-life and is made up of 24 cooperatives.

P&V Group

The P & V Group is a cooperative insurance group that was founded in 1907 with the aim of offering as many people as possible fair protection. Over the years, the group has grown steadily. Each brand and distribution channel which forms part of the P & V Group has their own identity. However, they all share the basic idea, which has [...]

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