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Iran Oilseeds & Vegetable Oil Processing Factories Cooperative(Farda Coop)

Farda Coop was established on 20 May 2006. It has 28 shareholders from vegetable oil factories in Iran that account for 93% of Iran's vegetable oil industry. Farda provides all technical, financial needs and raw materials in which the shareholders need. 41% of Farda personnel are women. Farda also established a coop university, a transportation company, and an exhibition company.

The Central Union Of Turkish Forestry Cooperatives

OR-KOOP advocates for the economic and social rights of forest villagers. There are 8,228 agricultural development coops with 785.710 members. 3.500 are in Turkey’s forest villages and 2,109 of them are involved in forestry. Forest production activities were carried out according to State Forest Organization forest management plans. Until 1977 production operations were carried out by the forest workers. The fees for [...]

Cooperativa Café Timor

Cooperativa Café Timor (CCT) was founded in the wake of the destruction of much of East Timor after it gained independence from Indonesia in 1999. In 2000, a group of farmers, in an attempt to successfully market their coffee internationally, united to form CCT. Today, the organization has grown to include 19,600 members from 16 base cooperatives and 494 small-scale farmer groups. [...]

Buyan-Undral Cooperative

“Buyan-Undral” primary agricultural cooperative is the one of the largest member cooperatives of National Association of Mongolian Agricultural cooperatives. The Mongolian Government and Local Government have valued the activities of Buyan-Undral highly and granted many awards and premiums to this cooperative, including in 2000 “Best cooperative” award of National Association of Mongolian Agricultural cooperatives /NAMAC/, in 2003 “National best cooperative” award, Ministry [...]

Sedikong sa Lerato

We aim to alleviate hunger and poverty and to promote healthy living and a strong sense of self for the orphans and vulnerable children of Toosneg village, helping them grow into confident, awakened human beings.

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