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Mutual Aid Housing Cooperative LasCahobas

Mutual Aid Housing Cooperative in LasCahobas' goal is to address the situation of 25 families displaced as a consequence of the 2010 earthquake so that they improve their habitat, strengthen their organizational skills and achieve a positive integration to the receiving community environment. While there are many challenges in Haiti when it comes to providing adequate shelter, we believe by fostering an [...]

UCHA – University Cooperative Housing Association

The University Cooperative Housing Association (UCHA) provides reasonable-cost housing to qualified students, visiting scholars and faculty of UCLA and other nearby educational institutions. As it is a Co-op, members living here are owners and operators of the organization.We are located just two blocks from campus and have been serving the UCHA community for around seventy years.

HSB Sweden

HSB’s housing co-operatives form a strong, common organisation. As an ethically responsible organisation, HSB wants to be an active model within the industry in climate issues and to be at the forefront of the development of a sustainable housing sector. The HSB members’ organisation is divided into three sections: The local housing co-operatives; HSB Regional Association; The HSB Swedish Tenant-Owner Cooperative Housing [...]

Karachi Co-operative Housing Societies Union Ltd (KCHSU)

Karachi Co-operative Housing Societies Union (KCHSU) is a federation of housing cooperatives in Pakistan. The organisation is composed of 24 cooperative housing societies with over 100,000 members.

Permanent Housing Co-operative Limited

Permanent Housing Co-operative Limited is a fully mutual housing cooperative run by a family, based on permaculture principles.

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