It used to be that a public company provided the critical service of maintaining water and sewage facilities for the people of Monteria, Columbia. However, when the company faced liquidation, several former employees recognized a crucial need in their community. They banded together to make sure the water and sewage network and systems did not fail. Soon the larger community clearly understood the importance of such a group and, thus, in 1993, Cootraservicord C.T.A became a formalized organization.

The cooperative’s central goal is to deliver high quality, timely and effective service. They achieve that goal through linking personnel and job positions. Cootraservicord focuses on making sure that the skill sets and experiences of their 240 employee members match the specific tasks at hand. Through this model the coop ensures the best possible service in the operation and maintenance of water and sewage systems.

Besides job placement, Cootraservicord provides numerous benefits to members. Drawing on various allegiances with other organizations, the cooperative offers assistance connecting with medical specialists, pharmacy services, food, clothing and educational opportunities to its members and their families. Cootraservicord’s commitment to the community they serve does not stop with such support. Instead they endeavor to better the lives of the community outside their membership population. Engaging in projects such as park refurbishment and canal cleaning, Cootraservicord and its members support the people of Monteria.

While these projects are helpful, it is hard to imagine doing anything more beneficial for health and well being than Cootraservicord’s every day work: maintaining and expanding aqueduct and sewage and water purification networks.
*Thank you to Kathryn Kruse for translation and editing of this story.