Cornwall’s Renewable Energy Co-operative (R-ECO) is one of 9 leading solar energy installers that have formed Bristol Area Solar Installers Co-operative (BASIC). This is the first case in the fledgling but fast-growing solar industry, where would-be competitors have joined forces to deliver large scale projects providing free solar energy systems to areas in fuel poverty. By forming a consortium and pooling expertise, projects can be delivered quickly and efficiently whilst retaining local jobs and using local suppliers.

The first project ‘Streets of Solar’, administered by Bristol Power CIC, aims to install solar energy on every suitable property in Bristol. Installing on this scale ensures that solar energy become part of everyday life for everyone, not just for those that can afford it. The first phase in Lockleaze is already underway with the target to install 300 solar energy systems on one housing development, across homes, schools and community buildings.

Abraham Cambridge of the Renewable Energy Co-operative has stated: “This is a shining example of the potential of collaboration and co-operation between businesses, achieving things that couldn’t be done in isolation. By acknowledging that we are all working towards a shared vision, the sky is the limit!”

The ultimate aim of BASIC is to replicate this model to deliver solar energy not only in Bristol, but across Cornwall and beyond.