Drevojas building cooperative is a prominent European manufacturer and producer of bathroom furnishings. Established in 1946 as a building cooperative, we have proudly been making furniture since then.

We have over 60 years of experience building furniture. Everything is made by us, in the Czech Republic, in our factory, by Czech workers. Some of our workers have been with our company for more than 30 years. Over the past 10 years the company has become one of the best manufacturers of bathroom furnishing in Central Europe.

Drevojas focuses not only on the history of furniture manufacturing, but also on European quality of manufactured products as well as emphasizing modern design and continuous innovation of its products. Drevojas cooperative tries to meet all of the customers’ demands. This aspect is what makes us so successful on various markets across Europe, especially in Russia and Switzerland. Aside from furniture, the cooperative also produces its own ceramic sinks that are industrially protected throughout Europe.

All of the success can be attributed to the chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng. Zdenek Blazek, who introduced a new, modern, and competitive technology, who emphasized the importance of foreign markets and introduced teamwork. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Blazek, the Drevojas cooperative ranked 1st on the CZECH TOP 100 in 2011 in the “building cooperative” category. He himself ranked 5th overall in the 2011 Manager of the Year competition.

If we examine where the greatest successes lay in the Drevojas cooperative over the past three years, we see that it is primarily in the innovation of new products, in the expansion of sales networks, and continuous improvement of quality and customer service by means of social networking communication.

What is the motto in the end? “A manufacturer should be understood to be a company that manufactures and sells its products.”