“EU4YOU” contributed to creating enabling environment that allows “to acquire and develop a mix of knowledge, skills and aptitudes youth need to succeed in the labor market” and “making education and training more relevant to young people’s needs” [Youth on the Move]. The project aimed to develop innovative complementary pathways for boosting employability of young people through social youth entrepreneurship and providing them with tools for cultural entrepreneurship in particular. The project created synergy between partner organizations and explored cross-fertilization potential of consortium. The project contributed to achieving the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy, The Social Business Initiative, Entrepreneurship2020 Action Plan.

The youth workers who participated in mobility activities could enhance their knowledge on social entrepreneurship (SE), cultural entrepreneurship (CE), social innovation and learnt how to use strategically creative arts for bridging the “Three C” of current-state society: Culture, Community and Commerce. The youth workers acted as multipliers bringing the knowledge to their local community and contributed to the toolkit content creation. The young people who participated in local workshops gained crucial transversal skills and learnt how to apply principles of project management to their creative ideas in practice, enhanced their own ability on creative and critical thinking, public speaking and ability to approach societal problems in a multi-disciplinary way.

The specific objectives were to:

-Build capacity of consortium in the field of SE and CE and to enable transfer of good practices among the partnership;

-Provide youth workers with specific knowledge on approaching youth with fewer opportunities and tools for boosting youth employability throughout education on cultural management;

-Create, test and disseminate an innovative toolkit on cultural management education targeted to peer organizations and cultural institutions;

-Provide youth with fewer opportunities with chances to enhance existing knowledge and gain new transversal skills in the field of cultural management and thus positively influence their employability potential;

-Create a sustainable online platform that will serve as a space for idea and experience sharing among youth interested in social and cultural entrepreneurship;

-Promote cultural entrepreneurship as an innovative way of tackling societal problems;

-Encourage cooperation between youth organizations and social business sector;

-Promote EU policies in the field of social entrepreneurship and Erasmus+ on global level;

-Promote social and cultural entrepreneurship, active citizenship and non-formal learning on global level.


The objectives were reached through following implemented activities:

– 1 capacity building seminar on SE and CE (January 2018)

– 1 seminar on cultural management education and development of learning tools (June 2018)

– 16 job shadowing mobilities to develop the toolkit (autumn-winter 2018)

– 1 final seminar to evaluate results and present toolkit to public (July 2019).


The objectives were also reached through the outcomes and products realised: