Co-operatives Fortnight is the co-operative sector’s national campaign, bringing together co-operatives up and down the country to highlight how co-operatives share their profits, give people an equal say and help build a better world.

Co-operatives Fortnight 2012 is a peak of activity in the International Year of Co-operatives. It runs from 23 June to 7 July. It will be 14 days building a better world.

Activities up and down the country
Co-operatives across the UK will be using Co-operatives Fortnight as the time to celebrate the International Year of Co-operatives and showcase how they are building a better world.
Check out the 2012 events map to find out what’s happening or to add events that you have planned.

12 noon, 19 June. Thumbs at the ready for Co-operate
At the start of Co-operatives Fortnight, the first UK co-operative sector mobile app will be released. Download Co-operate at 12 noon on 19 June to push Co-operate up the listings and reach a wider audience.

Get ready download the app at 12 noon, 19 June. Get a reminder here.

The UK Co-operative Economy 2012
In the first week of Co-operatives Fortnight we will be publishing The UK Co-operative Economy 2012, the annual state of the sector report that highlights the performance and trends of co-operatives. Last year the report received widespread media attention, from BBC Five Live to the Financial Times.

International Co-operatives Day
International Co-operatives Day on 7 July is a day of global co-operative action. A global movement of 1.4 million businesses and 1 billion people are already celebrating the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives. 7 July will be a high point, a day of shared action in this unique year.

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