We are a cooperative of cooperatives. We represent traditional agricultural livestock cooperatives and processed food cooperatives. Today we have 38 associated cooperatives in 8 provinces, and many others in the process of association, covering a wide spectrum of socio-economic and productive realities.

Our reason for being is cooperatives and associated small and medium producers, committed to inter-cooperation practices aimed at adding value at origin and contextualized in rural territorial development processes with industrialization.

We carry out actions to finance working capital and productive investment, for commercialization, equipment, infrastructure and value-added projects.

We commercially link food producing cooperatives through marketing channels that minimize intermediation, bringing cooperative products closer to consumers. We prioritize the progress of small and medium producers, as well as consumers’ access to healthy food at fair prices.

We are a second grade cooperative, founded on September 29, 2006 within the framework of the 94th Congress of the Argentine Agrarian Federation.

From the beginning, we proposed ourselves as an instrument for the integral development of cooperatives and their producers, seeking a balance between economic, productive and technological aspects, with social, union, cultural and environmental aspects.

At the Federación de Cooperativas Federadas Ltda., We conceive the participation of the members as an irreducible condition in decision-making, consistent with the mandate of democratic, autonomous and plural management.

With integration and competitiveness strategies, we direct our actions to the development of sustainable businesses, without the member cooperatives losing their independence.