Gruppo Pleiadi was born from a desire: the desire to teach science to children having fun, with practice and experimentation.

Alessio Scaboro and Lucio Biondaro, when they were kids, certainly would have liked to find this kind of science in their schools. This is why in 2009 they founded a type A cooperative, in Padua, to bring scientific knowledge into the classroom in an original, interactive, simple language, according to the American philosophy of hands-on, born in the nineties.

Alessio and Lucio looked towards America to develop their own method. Workshops, exhibitions, educational activities and animation festivals, shopping malls, street events and birthdays, educational projects and digital and traveling planetarium are the basic ingredients of a recipe that involves a young and dynamic team. The President Alessio Scaboro says: “The cooperative employs twelve people. The oldest are the members of the board of directors, me and the Vice-President Lucio Biondaro, both in their thirties. In the partners’ meeting there are six people, three women and three men, all under thirty”.

There are so many projects in progress, from interactive exhibitions to new Science Shows, because innovation and creativity are important! One of these big projects is to open Science and Ludo Center, “WOW”: a space in Padua suitable for school groups and families, where it’s possible to talk about science in a simple and clear language.