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Víctor H. Pinzón Parra: una vida dedicada al cooperativismo

Uno de los dos líderes visionarios que junto con 27 médicos se unieron para conjugar propósitos y voluntades y fundaron el 4 de marzo de 1.964 la Cooperativa Médica del Valle y de profesionales de Colombia. Médico, especialista en Pediatría, tocado por el espíritu del cooperativismo, ha sido su maestro en diferentes espacios, dentro y fuera del país. Coomeva, su pasión, es [...]

‘Wish Saemaul Geumgo Cooperative Movement to become seeds of hope in Myanmar’

“Myanmarese competent participants took education on Saemaul Geumgo Movement” Nine former and current officials from Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation of Myanmar visited Saemaul Geumgo and took training workshop to promote Saemaul Geumgo Movement in Myanmar. Saemaul Geumgo development model has two pillars. One is sustainable financial development stressing savings and the other is self-help development highlighting cooperative principle. The workshop was [...]

Encouraging savings with an innovative on-site deposit service in Benin and Mali

Do you find it hard to save? Now imagine you only earn $1.25 a day and that the banking infrastructure is very limited. This is what many inhabitants of Benin and Mali, West African countries of 10.3 and 14.5 million people respectively, experience every day. Savings being the driving force of independence and development,Développement international Desjardins (DID) and its partners gave themselves the challenge of developing [...]

Desjardins unveils the tallest indoor living wall in the world

The new Desjardins building in Lévis houses the tallest interior living wall in the world with more than 11,000 individual plants artfully arranged according to colour, texture, pattern and size covering a 15-storey wall of the new building at 150 rue des Commandeurs, in Lévis. The artwork, “The Currents”, was designed by Green over Grey, a design firm specializing in the creation [...]

The Jardins of Desjardins

Tomatoes on the roof, ferns on the walls… The Desjardins Group, Canada’s leading cooperative financial group and the fifth largest in the world, is taking the principle of sustainability to heart and introducing ground-breaking environmental initiatives at all levels – literally. The roof of a bank might be one of the last places you’d expect to find an urban food garden. But the [...]

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