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7. A Divine Story

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Coop Name: Kuapa Kokoo N° of Employees: 1
City: Ash-Town N° of Members: 45000
Country: Ghana Year of formation: 1993
Website: http://www.kuapakokoogh.com
About this coop:

Kuapa Kokoo simply means Good Cocoa Farming. The Kuapa Kokoo farmers cooperative was established when the internal marketing of cocoa in Ghana was liberalised in 1993. Two years later it attained Fairtrade recognition. In 1998 it formed the Day Chocolate Company which later changed its name to Divine Chocolate. Kuapa Kokoo members own the majority of shares in the UK and US chocolate manufacturer.

Kuapa Kokoo is papa paa. That is, it’s the best of the best. The Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmers cooperative in Ghana bands 45,000 cocoa farmers together. Together they own the majority share in the London-based chocolate manufacturer, Divine Chocolate.

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