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268. A united front

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Coop Name: Coopérative des Autocaristes Réunis (CAR) N° of Employees: 170
City: Ales N° of Members: 6
Country: France Year of formation: 2002
Website: http://https://www.coopcar.fr/
About this coop:

Instead of competing against one another in difficult times, 6 transportation cooperatives already working with one another came together to unite their skills, experience, and resources. They formed CAR in 2002. It is a cooperative providing passenger transportation for charters, tours, schools and disabled individuals.

Video Credits: Plan Rapproché: https://www.plan-rapproche.com/

Instead of competing for the same contracts, 3 businesses operating in the same geographical area providing passenger transportation decided to come together to form the Coopérative des Autocaristes Réunis (CAR). They are now a united front, weathering tough economic times together and succeeding. Why go it alone?

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