29. Ashland Food Co-op Mic Check

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Coop Name: Ashland Food Co-operative N° of Employees: 150
City: Ashland N° of Members: 9000
Country: United States Year of formation: 1974
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About this coop:

A green-washed corporation doing business under the cooperative banner.

At a Board of Directors meeting in November of 2011, a group of employee owners came to the board and spoke with one voice. In this mic check, they decried AFC’s use of a union-buster and his techniques of misinformation, harassment, and division. Workers have been trying to organize a union for months, with the GM and Board fighting them every step of the way with a union-busting firm (www.brauncounsulting.com) Braun has been involved in numerous campaigns to bust unions at co-ops. See this blog* by East End Co-op employees concerning Braun. Braun’s own website is full of alarming stuff and in no way can he be considered a proper fit for cooperative businesses. Now, the workers stand together in order to maintain their rights to organize without interference. A whopping sixteen unfair labor practices have been filed against the Ashland Food Co-op with the National Labor Relations Board in order to preserve the co-op worker’s right to organize. Watch our video and let the AFC know that union-busting is disgusting. *www.justice4coopworkers.blogspot.com/ www.mailtribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20111227/NEWS/112270308

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Jesus A Rivera
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