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143. ATR Transportation Cooperative

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Coop Name: Coopérative ATR N° of Employees: 270
City: Puy de D N° of Members: 26
Country: France Year of formation: 1989
About this coop:

ATR is a cooperative group who's main activity is transportation and logistics. It was created in 1989 after the merger of the ATB and ATR cooperatives. They came together as a group of carriers to perform the construction of A72 motorway between Clermont-Ferrand and Thiers. The cooperative now has a fleet of 200 vehicles and 230 drivers.

Video Credits: Plan Rapproché: https://www.plan-rapproche.com/

ATR Cooperative’s CEO Jean-François Mur discusses the benefits of the cooperative form for the success of ATR’s business.

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