35. Central Cooperative Union Launches IYC in Bulgaria: 12.01.2012

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Coop Name: Central Cooperative Union N° of Employees: 11000
City: Sofia N° of Members: 153000
Country: Bulgaria Year of formation: 1947
Website: http://www.cks.bg
About this coop:

The Central Cooperative Union unites, represents and defends the interests of 153,000 individual cooperative members, 815 consumer cooperative societies and 34 regional cooperative unions.

Central Coopertive Union – Bulgaria joins cooperatives worldwide to officially launch UN 2012 – International Year of Cooperatives on national level at 12:00 on 12.01.2012. May UN 2012 – IYC further the cooperative brand in strengthening its visibility and increasing acknowledgment of the cooperative business model’s added value to the members and to the community as a whole.

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Petar Stefanov
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