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401. Circle of love becomes circle of life

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Coop Name: Sedikong sa Lerato
City: Tooseng village N° of Members: 10
Country: South Africa Year of formation: 2006
About this coop:

We aim to alleviate hunger and poverty and to promote healthy living and a strong sense of self for the orphans and vulnerable children of Toosneg village, helping them grow into confident, awakened human beings.

Photo Credits: Co-operative News

It is sometimes said that if women received the same training and opportunites as men in developing countries, that the number of people living in poverty could drop by as much as 150 million.

In South African, the women are taking the situation into their own hands.

In Tooseng village in the Limpopo province of South Africa a group of 10 women have established the Sedikong sa Lerato co-operative. Sedikong sa Lerato means circle of love.

The co-operative operates a drop in centre for orphaned and vulnerable children. It works to alleviate hunger and runs an organic garden.

And it produces tea. Horseradish tea. A tea renowned for its healing and nutrional values. In early November Mavis Mathabatha travelled to Manchester, United Kingdom to promote the work her co-operative does and to educate the 11,000-plus visitors about the values its tea holds.

“It is a very nutritious tea and we have started feeding the children it,” explained Ms Mathabatha at the conference and exhibition.

A circle of love indeed.

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Kate Askew
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