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382. Coop’Art – Express Yourself

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Coop Name: International Co-operative Alliance N° of Employees: 41
City: Geneva N° of Members: 266
Country: Switzerland Year of formation: 1895
Website: http://www.2012.coop Twitter: Link
Facebook: Link
About this coop:

The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) is an independent, non-governmental organisation that unites, represents and serves co-operatives worldwide. It exists to provide an effective and efficient global voice and forum for knowledge, expertise and co-ordinated action for and about co-operatives.

Photo Credits: Billy Rey Tamio

As part of our International Year Celebrations, the ICA launched a global artistic competition designed to encourage young people (16-35) to creatively express their views on co-operative principles. There were three different categories for the competition: music, video and photography. The aim was to create a song, a video or a photograph that promotes the principles of co-operation in a way attractive to young people and to raise their awareness about the co-operative movement worldwide.

Billy Rey Tamio’s photo from the Philippines won first place in the photography section.

See all the winners here: https://2012.coop/en/get-involved/coopart/coopart-winners

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