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334. History of housing cooperative Mancasale and Coviolo

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Coop Name: CASE POPOLARI MANCASALE e COVIOLO Società Cooperativa
City: Reggio nell'Emilia N° of Members: 450
Country: Italy Year of formation: 1908
About this coop:

The main activity of the cooperative is building homes for our members. Social, sporting and cultural activities were also developed by the cooperative, and once consolidated became autonomous and are now run mostly by its members. We are using new green technologies, and the gym will be outfitted with solar panels.

This short video tells the history of this housing cooperative, providing housing, cultural and social activities for its members. Through Fascism and war the cooperative today has 16 residential dwellings, 15 garages, 3 stores, 1 gym, and 5 local offices.

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