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Coop Name: GeWoSued Genossenschaftliches Wohnen Berlin-Sued eG N° of Employees: 38
City: Berlin N° of Members: 3500
Country: Germany Year of formation: 1919
Website: http://www.gewosued.de
About this coop:

GeWoSued is a housing-cooperative owning about 2.600 appartments and family homes at twelve locations in the North, East and South of Berlin. The cooperative was founded in 1919. GeWoSued offers housing at moderate costs for all ages and lifestyles. GeWoSued strives to keep the service charges low by encouraging the dwellers to contact the employees directly. For the employees dwellers are not tenants but users. GeWoSued is anxious to lower the carbon footprint of all its housing units by thermal insulation and combinations of decentral heat and power plants with photovoltaics. As some of its older buildings are listed as monuments of the cooperative housing movement in the early 20th century, GeWoSued strives to preserve the traditional building techniques and to develop them further for housing in the 21st century.

The Berlin housing cooperative GeWoSued commissioned the artist Sandra Lange with a wallpainting. Once Building Art was a marketing-must of commercial housing developers. Due to a high housing demand in the big german cities investors today neglect any additional effort. The GeWoSued cooperative tries to achieve with every building or modernisation something special. As art is not seen as a tool to rise the rents and the market value of the building the co op members can discuss freely to obtain a new skirt for their house. The video documents the process of gaining acceptance, the artistic work of Sandra Lange and her cooperation with the artisans to bringt the work onto a gable wall in october 2012. Video with english subtitles.

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Rainer Milzkott
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