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109. Increasing sustainability through training

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Coop Name: Mid America Cooperative Council N° of Employees: 2
City: Indianapolis N° of Members: 114
Country: United States Year of formation: 2003
Website: http://https://www.macc.coop/
About this coop:

The Mid America Cooperative Council is a non-profit trade association for cooperative businesses, founded in January of 2003. MACC members are cooperatives in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. MACC is a member-engaged association with a goal to develop a core co-op curriculum, and provide resources with broad accessibility. MACC’s mission is to Promote, Foster and Enhance the Values of Cooperatives.

“Education is not nearly as costly as the conflicts and failures incurred because of lack of understanding of the co-op business model. High-performing leaders know the importance of equipping directors, employees and management with the knowledge to understand their respective roles and therefore, develop and lead their cooperative with a unified approach.”

These words from Rod Kelsay, Executive Director of MACC highlight the benefits of cooperative education. The programs and conferences organized by MACC are designed to be portable and disseminated at a variety of member co-ops and other locations throughout the year. Connecting cooperatives from different industries through Cooperative Education for Employees and Directors, has an impact of the sustainability of co-ops.

A director on a cooperative board that serves the needs of customers who are also owners is not an intuitive position. Practicing good governance and thinking strategically are learned behaviors. Through our programs Agricultural Supply, Food Marketing, Financial Services, Rural Electric, Genetics, and Services cooperatives all learn about how the cooperative model works; to serve patron needs uniquely and cooperatively.

Cooperatives are leaders in building stronger and healthier communities that benefit and invest in real people; serving the needs of each other and sharing in the profits. The training offered by MACC helps cooperatives do this better while staying true to the ongoing mission and purpose the business was created to serve.

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Alice Pickler
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