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184. Iran’’s IT Success Story

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Coop Name: Pishgaman Kavir Yazd N° of Employees: 370
City: Yazd N° of Members: 15000
Country: Iran Year of formation: 1996
Website: http://https://www.pishgaman.com
About this coop:

PKYCC is an IT cooperative made up of other IT companies. We are the only IT co-operative in Iran and one of three companies in Iran with the license for international calling services. We have local offices in all provinces of Iran and we also have companies outside of Iran. Our aims are to expand IT activities to all cities within Iran, build relationships with the biggest IT companies in Iran, and have good relationships with foreign IT companies outside of Iran. The services they provide to members include helping them get grants and loans and ensuring member participation.

Pishgaman Kavir Yazd is Iran’’s biggest IT cooperative, founded in 1996 in the central province of Yazd. The company soon expanded its activities and geographic reach, and is now one of the leaders in Iran’’s IT and ICT industry, providing internet and communication connections to all of the country’’s provinces.

The group has over 1,500,000 users, is divided into 27 member companies and is looking to expand globally, but it still relies on its original four principles: trust in God, thinking, commitment and cooperation.

The group’s companies work in various fields, including providing internet services throughout Iran, Iran’’s first cyber bank, international calls (one of only three licensed companies), web-based software, software services, management systems, web design, advertising, e-learning and computer games. They also run telecommunications and fibre optic projects both in Iran and internationally.

As they branch out into the insurance industry, launch a new banking system and start an international underwater fibre network from Oman to Chahbahar, their slogan, “We started from Yazd and we think about the world,” is proving more and more apt.

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